Numerology: what is a psychological self-study?

Numerology has become more important than ever before in our daily lives, even though astrology is still the most popular practice of the two. Indeed, some women's magazines are now devoting entire pages to it. Continue reading to learn about the psychological personal study of numerology.

What is numerology exactly?

Numerology is a divinatory art that is both very old and very recent. It is based on an extremely ancient idea that numbers are not only used to make calculations. Numbers have mystical, spiritual and even divine meanings. The founding father of the codification of this ancestral art was Pythagoras, who was understandably a mathematician and philosopher in ancient Greece. However, the use of numbers relating to the day, month, year of birth and even the letters making up the name to analyse a person's character is a fairly recent phenomenon that keeps attracting attention in today's society. Therefore, numerology mainly focuses on the subtle correspondence between numbers, letters of the alphabet and their psychological significance.

The importance of the concept of personality in numerology

According to its practitioners, numerology says a lot about your personality. Indeed, because the date of birth and the name of a person are unique to him or her, no one else will have the same characteristics as him or her. This is what makes a person unique. All names have their own vibrations, potential and a particular attitude that no one is immune to. By being able to describe all the springs of the personality by coding, numerology grants particular benefits whether in professional, family or even love relationships. This is the reason why it is often necessary to carry out a personal psychological study in numerology.

The psychological personal study in numerology

The psychological personal study in numerology is a concept that aims to know a part of one's psychology, that is to say his or her intimate aspirations, personality, character and even temperament. You can receive warnings, advice, encouragement and why not help others. In other words, numerology studies the personal numbers that are specific to a person in order to get to know them better and to enable them to fully assume their role in daily life thanks to a diagnosis and tailor-made advice. The fact of making a personal study on the psychology of a person through numerology allows him to foresee his personal or professional activities by referring to the nuance of his personality. However, there is neither determinism nor certainty and nothing is definitively written. We can therefore speak of climate, profile and warning. However, past experiences have demonstrated that in the majority of cases, i.e. nearly 70% of them, "interpretations" are confirmed.

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