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Do double hours have a meaning?

Do you often see mirror hours? You are probably curious about this, especially if the phenomenon is repeated. As a matter of fact, these are signs sent by your guardian angels, whether to reassure you, warn you of a danger…

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What is the importance of the number 44 in numerology?

Seeing the number 44 repeatedly means that heaven is giving you a sign. Your guardian angels, therefore, want to transmit to you important information. Indeed, when they want to communicate with people, they send signs and clues. Through this article,…

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Find out about your ideal colour according to numerology

Colour numerology is a fortune-telling concept that focuses on the study of numbers and colours. It works differently for different people because different criteria come into consideration when determining the colour that matches an individual. How exactly does colour numerology…

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Numerology and name analysis: the importance of the first vowel

Numerology is defined as the science of numbers and focuses on studying the meaning of numbers and thus understanding the world, and by extension the universe in which we evolve. It is a science that uses numbers and their various…

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Numerology: what is a psychological self-study?

Numerology has become more important than ever before in our daily lives, even though astrology is still the most popular practice of the two. Indeed, some women’s magazines are now devoting entire pages to it. Continue reading to learn about…

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To what extent is the personal year key to numerology?

The personal year is a key element in numerology. It is there to help you steer yourself and foresee bad surprises. This way, you can take your future in hand and ultimately improve it. On the other hand, you should…

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