Numerology and name analysis: the importance of the first vowel

Numerology is defined as the science of numbers and focuses on studying the meaning of numbers and thus understanding the world, and by extension the universe in which we evolve. It is a science that uses numbers and their various interactions to reveal, among others, the character traits of an indicated person. Indeed, numerological data can help to find revealing clues about someone's life. To do so, one must master the connection between numerology and first name analysis.

Numerology and names

When we say that the science of numbers can give answers, we automatically think that we will use the date or the year of birth. Although the information is made up of numbers, in numerology and name analysis, letters can be assigned a numerical value. Using the method of Pythagoras, the famous mathematician, and philosopher, each letter of the alphabet can be converted into a number between 1 and 9. With some numerologists, the numbers 11 and 22 can be added to the other 9 values, which are considered to be master numbers.

The first vowel of the name

In numerology and name analysis, the vowels have a special meaning, especially the first one. The six vowels (A, E, I, O, U, Y) reveal a deep and intimate character of one's personality. The letter A, for instance, indicates not only autonomy but also a certain need to have influence over one's partner. There are websites that list these meanings, so you can have fun searching for information about both your personality and those of your acquaintances. Often, numerologists use the revelation of these letters to come up with a result about the character of the person their client is interested in.

First vowels as a comparison tool for a possible relationship

By having all the data about a person, finding the man or woman of your life becomes easier. Indeed, since numerology is a science that can be used to detect information influencing your life, it is possible to get a glimpse of what a relationship with the desired person may look like. All this can be done by comparing the first two vowels of the first names of the two people in question. On the internet, one can easily access comparative studies based on these types of letters. However, for a detailed result, seeking the help of a professional numerologist is recommended.

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