How can numbers influence our lives?

Numerology is an ancient discipline that is today arousing a lot of curiosity. The symbolism of numbers is one of the aspects of numerology. These are believed to influence our lives greatly and to help us define our personality and predict our future.

The influence of numbers on our lives

Although the origin of divination by numbers remains unclear, many theories have emerged through the ages. While some point to the mathematician Pythagoras, most people link numerology to religion. What is certain, however, is that this practice already existed years ago. It is also said to have played an important role in the development of various civilisations. Numbers have a great influence on our existence. From the moment we are born, they have been with us and have had an impact on our daily lives. This is also the case of the mirror hours, translated by angelic messages. To find out more, you can visit Indeed, numbers give us energy, channel our emotions, define our various character traits, and inform us about what the future holds for us.

How to put divination by numbers into practice?

The path of life is represented by a number among the nine elementary numbers. To know yours, you will have to make some rather simple calculations. You should first know that each number carries a vibration and has a precise meaning. By adding your name, first name, or date of birth, you will obtain a lucky number which will help you to qualify your potential, your personal path and many other aspects of your life and future. The divination numbers are divided into two. First, there are the odd numbers or male numbers. These numbers have a sacred notion as they symbolise life and most importantly reflect power and strength because of their indivisible characters. Then there are the feminine numbers or even numbers. These are defined by their divisible characters. In any case, the negative numbers do not influence the destiny of the person who obtains it but rather requires him or her to think harder.

The meaning of the nine numbers

Each number has a special meaning. The number 1, for instance, symbolises strength, superiority and beauty. As in all beginnings, 'one' equals the letter 'A' in the alphabet, the C in the note and the bateleur in the tarot. Then there is the number 2 which symbolises duality, exchange and confrontation. It is represented by the goddess in the tarot and the two pans in the scales. This number is also qualified as "B" in letters and "RE" in music. If your favourite number is "3", then you have a strong capacity for invention and intelligence. The number 3 is represented by the empress in the tarot. Taking reference from the emperor of the tarot, the number "4" portrays stability and balance. Freedom, pleasure, and affection are what the number 5 symbolises. It resembles the Pope card, i.e. the fifth card of the tarot. The lover of the tarot is in turn linked to the number 6. This number marks love and aesthetics and moves away from conflict. The seventh number is divine as it represents the whole universe, victory and the colour of the rainbow. In the Tarot, it is illustrated by the card with a cartoon design and is also the equivalent of the "Si" scale in music. The particularities of the number 8 are power and money. This is why it is represented by justice in the tarot. Finally, the number of the dreamers is the "9", whose sign is the hermit in the tarot.

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