What does the time 21:21 mean in numerology?

There are signs or messages sent by the universe through the mirror hours and 21:21 is one of them. If the latter has called out to you, there is probably a reason. But what exactly is the message behind it? To be able to interpret it, you should know that it has significant meanings according to numerology.

Numerology and mirror hours

Several beliefs revolve around the mirror hours. While tarot interprets them based on the cards, numerology does it according to the numbers and figures. In numerology, each number and combination counts to give meaning to the mirror hours. When you see the time 21:21 and happen to wonder what it means, you can refer to numerology. There are also angelic interpretations of this and other mirror hours, but numerology is the most popular explanation as it seems to make scientific sense.

The numerological significance of the mirror hour 21:21

The mirror hour 21:21 corresponds to the number 42 in numerology, which  is a number that appears to indicate qualities that you may not know or may not exploit. Among these qualities, there is honesty and responsibility. It is also a number that indicates that you give importance to those around you, especially your family. In addition to indicating these qualities, it is also a number that encourages you to share your feelings. If you are shy or mysterious by nature and you see the mirror hour 21:21, you should dismiss all hesitation and fear and share your feelings or risk losing your loved ones.

Other avenues to explore

In addition to numerology, there is the tarot and angelic interpretations that can give meaning to the mirror hour 21:21. On the side of the angels, it is Damabiah who is linked to this time. It symbolises the universal source and the origin of all being. It also shows itself to bring happiness and fulfilment.  On the tarot side, the mirror hour 21:21 is associated with the Tarot de Marseille. It is a sign of success and the accomplishment of goals and dreams. Therefore, if we refer to the tarot, by seeing this hour, your dreams will soon be fulfilled. You can also use this time to make a wish.

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