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Spiritualist astrology: basic principles and features

The use of an astrologer’s help is a great way of predicting one’s future. It should however be noted that there are more than one type of astrology practiced in the world and that each country has its own concepts,…

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Horoscope of the week: how it works and what are its features?

Follow the advice of astrology specialists by learning about the weekly forecasts for your astrological sign. It is indeed possible to have some forecasts of the week on your professional, financial, family and love life as well as on your…

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What is the descendant of an astrological sign?

In astrology, the descendant astrological sign is the opposite of the ascendant sign. Similar to numerology, it is decisive and significant. But what is the descendant of an astrological sign, how exactly does one calculate it and what are the…

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Mars or the governor of Aries

There was a time when human beings worshipped the planets and astrological signs. Today, this approach still exists in the world of fortune-telling. The stars are very important thanks to their positions, which have a special meaning in everyone’s life….

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Pisces sign: character traits

Having the astrological sign Pisces is a unique person. It is the last of the astrological signs, representing the end and the beginning. Its character traits are based on the principle that Pisces is one of the few signs that…

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What are the particularities of Mayan astrology?

Many civilizations have resorted to astrology for several purposes, for instance, to better manage one’s existence or predict the future. Mayan astrology is one of the oldest and most widely used divination techniques out there and various astrological methods have…

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