What is the descendant of an astrological sign?

In astrology, the descendant astrological sign is the opposite of the ascendant sign. Similar to numerology, it is decisive and significant. But what is the descendant of an astrological sign, how exactly does one calculate it and what are the personalities corresponding to the descendants of the astrological signs?

What is the descendant of a zodiac sign?

The descendant of a zodiac sign is a concept that is strictly attached to the ascendant, which reciprocally states individuality in society. It describes the types of individuals that a person may come across in his or her life and with whom he or she intends to build a relationship or even a lasting bond. The descendant evokes the companion, i.e. the partner. Its position reveals information about the qualities that a person is looking for in a partner, in colleagues. The descendant of an astrological sign refers to the qualities, good behaviour, and actions found in the other partner. Usually, an individual expresses his or her shortcomings towards others through aggressiveness, uncontrolled gestures, and inappropriate expressions. The offspring reflects the antagonist in the opposite way that a person can present values, identity. But this brings a lot of help psychologically as well as personal reflection, which is a reference for the future and the quality of being understanding. All this leads to the importance of knowing your astrological descendant sign and h to calculate it.

How to calculate the astrological descendant sign

The descendant of an astrological sign is always good to understand. Its calculation primarily requires the ascendant. This theory demands exact data as it is important to know the time of birth of the person concerned or of the individual whose natal chart you want to count. The astrological sign of the ascendant makes it possible to determine automatically and easily on which opposite sign of the zodiac wheel the astrological one of the descendant also falls. In other words, if the ascendant falls on the right side of the birth chart, the descendant is automatically located on the opposite left side. Broadly speaking, it is enough to know on which astrological sign the ascendant is located to read the astrological descendant sign. All this allows you to know the personality corresponding to the descendant of an astrological sign.

Personality and the astrological descendant

The descendant of a zodiac sign also determines the personality of each individual. The Aries descendant usually has an attractive, but aggressive personality. The Taurus descendant is faithful and caring. The Gemini descendant is fair and upright. A Cancer descendant is believed to be sensitive, but authoritarian like the others.

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