What messages do mirror hours reveal?

Mirror hours represent identical numbers on a digital time in terms of hours as well as minutes, and are separated by a colon (e.g. 08:08, etc.). The reflection of the same numbers on different units of time then arouses curiosity, which can aid in understanding a particular message sent by the universe. The signs evoked by this series of double numbers come from particular entities, and the meaning is interpreted according to the perceived time.

Mirror hours as an angelic notification

The twin hours indicated by a watch or clock at the time of observation raise questions when they occur repeatedly. Recurring 24 times in a day, the observation requires significant synchronicity in addition to exceptional coincidence before it can be identified which time recurs frequently. Indeed, the messages hidden within the mirror hours usually indicate the presence of guardian angels. These principles are capable of issuing a sign with multiple meanings, and therefore require particular attention to detect their true purpose. It should be noted that the message can take different forms (images, song lyrics, thoughts, etc.) often repeated with the clear intention of being noticed. Furthermore, guardian angels use all possible means to make contact with an individual. 11:11 for example has a specific angelic interpretation, and many websites such as www.mirrorhour.com have taken the extra step to analyse it.

One hour, one meaning!

Mirror hours are likely to correspond to answers to various questions asked before or they may simply explain a problem that is hindering conscious or unconscious personal development. In the case of 00:00, the person contacted feels a need for change, where the zeros illustrate a relatively difficult decision to make. However, the meaning of the message can similarly vary depending on the context in which it occurs and the entity linked to it (evil entity, guardian angel, someone thinking about the person reached, etc.).

Understanding the twin hours

The signals emitted through the mirror hours must also be deciphered by a range of explanations before you can extract the true values. - Numerology offers the possibility of identifying the meaning of numbers in all areas of life, as each number has its dynamic. - The tarot can also be used for interpretation following the numbering of the drawn cards like the Tarot de Marseille. However, they can be directly interpreted as a representation of the emotional and psychological state, provided that the receiver is aware of this. Taking these messages into consideration will consequently help to guide a person on the life path to embrace, while alerting him or her to the vibration of the moment.

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