What are the particularities of Mayan astrology?

Many civilizations have resorted to astrology for several purposes, for instance, to better manage one's existence or predict the future. Mayan astrology is one of the oldest and most widely used divination techniques out there and various astrological methods have been devised based on its principles. A focus on the particularities and originalities of this type of astrology will allow you to see more clearly.

A brief overview of Mayan astrology

Mayan astrology emerged around 3,000 BC, which explains its mature and rich foundation leading to its pinnacle between the 3rd and 5th centuries. Despite the disappearance of the Mayan civilization, this astral method continues to be used in many fields such as fortune-telling. The elaboration of the Mayan calendar is based on precise observations of the universe and the stars. It had 17 calendars that divided time into different cycles that were renewed at the time of the predicted events. Clairvoyance on the free online astrology platforms is based on this method of prediction to help individuals see the future and the hidden truths. In a few words, the method consists of combining numbers, signs and months.

The particularities of Mayan astrology

While most astrology techniques focus solely on a star sign, the Mayan one makes use of numbers and/or the month and/or the sign. The Mayan calendar is subdivided into the numbers 1 to 13. The month, also called "Haab", is synchronised with the solar cycle, i.e. 365 days. Each sign has an animal name associated with it, of which there are 13. The interpretation of the combination of variants allows one to know and control certain future events. Mayan astrology is also used to gather information such as a life mission or an individual's evolutionary path. It is also possible to try to find out what can happen in a person's life in general.

The unique features of Mayan astrology

Mayan astrology does not only draw its effectiveness from its sacred calendar, its methods also focus on the character of a quadripartite cosmos, particular colours, flora, letters, animals, etc. With such parameters, it can help individuals to have a better view of their lives and to make better decisions. The effectiveness of this astrology depends on the knowledge and experience of the practitioner. It is also important to know that rituals such as the dedication to meditation during bad omens are required.

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