To what extent is the personal year key to numerology?

The personal year is a key element in numerology. It is there to help you steer yourself and foresee bad surprises. This way, you can take your future in hand and ultimately improve it. On the other hand, you should seek the help of a competent numerologist for such an interpretation.

What is the purpose of the personal year in numerology?

The personal year is the combination of the year, month and day of your birth and is designed to identify your path of existence. You should know that it is the combination of practices on the meaning of numbers and belief. Therefore, it will allow you to predict your future whether it is in the professional field, love, health, etc. It will also reveal the secrets hidden through numbers from certain calculations. Resorting to numerology to calculate your personal year on will at least help you to improve your knowledge of yourself. By going on this endeavour, you will benefit from more tailor-made predictions.

Understanding how the personal year works in numerology

The meaning of the personal year in numerology can be either bad or good. As a result, its outcome and interpretation can vary from person to person. It is therefore necessary to entrust this intervention to a specialist to avoid unpleasant surprises. This initiative will guide you to take control of your destiny. The personal year can determine your character and your situation. Thus, you can anticipate and improve your future. After calculating your personal year, the numerologist can begin his or her analysis. Note that each number (1 to 9) has its own meaning according to your stage of life.

The main purpose of the personal year in numerology

Knowing your personal year in numerology allows you to situate yourself, steer your progression and know the numerological vibrations during the year. It is important to know that a cycle in numerology lasts 9 years, each of which has its own positive and negative influences and characteristics. Therefore, you have the chance to understand the tasks you should perform as well as the fields and favourable moments to achieve the best result. For instance, if your personal year is 9, you can expect the end of a relationship or a project.

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