Find out about your ideal colour according to numerology

Colour numerology is a fortune-telling concept that focuses on the study of numbers and colours. It works differently for different people because different criteria come into consideration when determining the colour that matches an individual.

How exactly does colour numerology work?

Numerology is a combination of calculation and colour identification. Each individual must have an ideal number which is determined mainly by his or her name or date of birth. Current numerology is based on the doctrines of Pythagoras, who considered that everything in the universe was created to integrate harmoniously. Accordingly, each number corresponds to a particular vibration or colour that resonates with an individual. Numerology, therefore, touches the human soul and colour numerology consists of determining the number that corresponds to each individual in order to interpret it in the form of a colour.

The interpretation to be given to each colour

Each colour has a meaning according to the numerology doctrine. In this discipline, the numbers range from one to nine and each of them corresponds to a colour. Indeed, the number one corresponds to the colour orange which is linked to the notion of strength and light because of its solar connotation. The number two refers to silver which favours introspection, calmness as well as balance and is often linked to the moon because of the colour that characterises it. Next comes the number three, which is linked to green, synonymous with balance, nature, life and renewal. The number four is associated with the colour brown, which refers to seriousness, stability and discipline. The number five is linked to red, which is a colour that inspires life because it is the colour of blood, fire, desire and sensuality. The individual represented by this colour is therefore a person with a strong link to the carnal and has a strong personality. The number six refers to salmon, the colour of love and eroticism, while the number seven refers to violet, which is associated with magic and the occult. Finally, the number eight refers to yellowish-brown and is a sign of strength and perseverance, while the number nine, associated with navy blue, relates to change and diversity.

The benefits of using colour numerology

Colour numerology allows you to get to know yourself a little better and to strengthen your spirituality and mental well-being by using numbers and colours. People who have used this discipline are more in tune with themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

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